Accent Prime by Alma combines two key technologies – non-focused ultrasound and fractional unipolar radiofrequency – to deliver non-invasive lipolysis and circumference reduction, and a reduction in skin laxity. The fusion of these technologies ensures patients receive a longer-lasting result in fewer treatment sessions.
Accent Prime has pioneered a unique way of applying radiofrequency with its Accentuate applicator. This is a larger paddle to cover a vast surface area with controlled heat, maintaining a constant temperature. Avoiding hot spots and keeping patients comfortable throughout the treatment leads to better results, and patients are able to immediately return to their daily routine.

Dr. Rehka Tailor of Health & Aesthetics UK

Dr. Rehka Tailor of Health & Aesthetics UK

This article is based on an interview published by Aesthetic medicine magazine in the UK. The interview, originally named “RF and ready”, features Dr. Rekha Tailor, a medical practitioner for more than 29 years, with more than 14 years’ experience in the aesthetics industry. She is the founder and medical director of Health & Aesthetics clinic in Elstead, Surrey. She is a full member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine and the Royal College of General Practitioners. Dr Tailor is also affiliated to various medical organisations including: the General Medical Council, the British Medical Association and the British Menopause Society.


The aesthetics industry is inundated with manufacturers making vast claims about the efficacy and safety of their devices and the technologies they employ. The European CE mark only goes so far; it offers proof of safety and technical performance, but not a guarantee that the treatment delivers effective results. FDA clearance is key when looking for a reputable treatment. It is a more transparent, trustworthy system, showing effectiveness as well as safety, therefore allowing a clinic and its patients to make much more informed decisions.


Accent Prime offers two main treatments: ultrasound and radiofrequency. The RF applicator produces thermal stimulation, which creates an immediate and temporary change in the helical structure of the collagen. Accent Prime uses the latest development of RF which involves the emission of electromagnetic radiation rather than a current, which is referred to as unipolar, and so no grounding pad is necessary. Ultrasound combines non-focused technology delivered using an extra-large plate to increase the speed of body contouring. The device produces complex waves, both flexural-asymmetrical and longitudinal. These are also known as “Shear” waves.


Nearly 3 years ago, Alma produced a report on its selective non-invasive lipolysis and circumference reduction for body contouring. During this study, patients underwent between two to seven treatments at 1-2 week intervals. The subjects reported minimal discomfort during the procedure and significant circumferential reductions were observed despite major differences in age and BMI, with no adverse events or safety concerns. Accent was one of the first ultrasound treatments to receive FDA clearance for the face and body. If that’s not enough, it is the only device to target 60cm2 with one applicator.

On January 13, 2017, a study was published by the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology that set out to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Accent Prime radiofrequency treatment for facial tightening. At the time, there were very few studies completed with unipolar radiofrequency applicators. The trial studied participants who were an average age of 49.7-years old, with mild to moderate age-related facial laxity.

Following the the treatment, 85% of patients stated that they were either greatly satisfied or satisfied with the treatment results, and skin biopsies showed an increase in collagen in the dermis. None of the participants experienced an adverse event during or after the procedure.


Alma has been consistently setting the standard for high quality, safe, effective and results-driven treatments. After experiencing disappointing results with a previous contouring system, we wanted to ensure that our next machine would obtain results which patients have come to expect from us. When faced with the clear clinical evidence of successful treatments using Accent Prime we were definitely intrigued. There is a growing segment of the population interested in reducing age-related skin laxity. On top of that we witness an increasing number of patients wanting to contour their body. Thus, we required a high quality, results-driven machine, but with little downtime.

The use of needles was something we were looking to avoid, too. From our experience, invasive treatments usually increase the downtime and discomfort for patients. When we treat patients with the Accent Prime, we allow patients to return to work on the same day. Furthermore, this gentle yet powerful treatment delivers extremely exciting results. These results are tailored to each patient’s specific needs. With its impeccable track record and FDA clearance, and considering the reputation of Alma as a whole, we felt that Accent Prime was the clear choice for treating body contouring and facial tightening.

Thank you to our UK partners ABC Lasers for their support on this piece.