About Nimue

The Nimue product range was initially developed in 1994 for the medical market for pre- and post-operative applications, as well as for advanced results-orientated skin rejuvenation treatment by skin care therapists. Nimue has since evolved into a globally recognized brand, primarily amongst leading skin care salons, for its innovative formulations and technologies based on the effective combination of exceptional ingredients with scientifically proven delivery systems.

As a primary leader in the skin care industry, we are renowned for our expert understanding of the skin and the effective treatment of various skin conditions.The treatment formulations deliver optimal concentrations of pharmaceutical grade nutrients, antioxidants, phytoceuticals, peptides and other powerful active ingredients where they are needed most – below the skin’s surface to actively improve skin health and appearance.

Nimue is globally recognized for its modern skin classification concept (Environmentally Damaged Skin, Hyperpigmented Skin, Problematic Skin and Interactive) and unique philosophy based on four treatment pillars: Rejuvenation, Restoration, Antioxidation and Sun Protection.

Nimue’s Four Skin Classifications

Nimue is globally recognised for its four skin classifications:

Nimue Range of Products

Skin Analysis

The modern and innovative Nimue skin classification concept looks at overall skin health, skin health improvement and maintenance instead of traditional skin types in order to treat the underlying cause instead of the superficial symptoms.

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A Guide to using Nimue

Nimue’s skin health programme is based on the application of prescribed homecare products, combined with professionally administered treatments to transform the skin starting in the deepest layers. Professional treatments enhance the penetration of active ingredients in prescribed homecare products. Combining homecare products with professional treatments results in a 50% improvement in skin transformation.


4.5 PH

Phase 1: Home Care

Consists of Nimue core products based on all the active ingredients required by the skin for optimum skin health and renewal for all skin classifications. Use for 4 – 6 weeks before proceeding onto Phase 2.


3.5 PH

Phase 2: Actives

Two additional homecare products to accelerate skin rejuvenation. By combining the Active Lotion/Gel to your homecare prescription, you will see an additional 20% improvement in skin health.


3 PH

Phase 3: Treatments

Consists of professional treatments that enhance the results of homecare products and prepare the skin for better penetration of active ingredients for improvement in skin transformation.