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Z Fill refresh 2

Mesotherapy for natural regeneration.

zimmer zfill motivation contour

Z Fill contour 2

For a youthful appearance and perfect lips

zimmer zfill motivation deep

Z Fill deep 2

Medium to deep wrinkles – smooth build up of volume

The anti-aging system for skin at all ages

With 50 years experience, Zimmer MedizinSysteme is one of the leading manufacturers for aesthetic products: Cold air, Cryo Contouring, Shockwave and Hyaluronic fillers.

With ZFill, a hyaluronic acid filler injection, your doctor now has an easy to use, effective, long-lasting and – in combination with the Zimmer Cold Air Device Cryo 6 – virtually painless tool to extend our youthful fresh appearance, increase lost volume, and minimize wrinkles.

Only the highest quality deserves your trust

The purest hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin is the basis for the new ZFill generation from Zimmer MedizinSysteme. The product line includes three injectable fillers which cover the whole spectrum of facial rejuvenation and volume augmentation.

Proven quality from products made in Europe
The three hyaluronic acid fillers of the ZFill product line are manufactured according to strict European quality and safety standards. They comply with the ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and guidelines. Toxicological and biocompatibility tests are carried out in accordance to the ISO 10993 series of standards.

100% biodegradable
The gels are extremely stable due to an innovative, multi-stage manufacturing process. This slows down the body’s own degradation processes, ensuring a long-lasting effect. A rejuvenation effect is visible immediately after the hyaluronic acid treatment. ZFill revitalizes aging skin in a way that lasts. It compensates agerelated loss of hyaluronic acid and systematically moisturises the dermis.

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Highest purity for maximum safety

  1. The basis for ZFill is pure hyaluronic acid of non-‐animal origin obtained from biofermentation. A special process is used at first for careful alignment of the molecular chains.
  2. Cross-linking: BDDE is added to build cross-links between the hyaluronic acid chains. This creates a very dense, threedimensional matrix, making the gel more stable and able to withstand the degradation processes of the skin. – This is why the effects of Z Fill contour² and Z Fill deep² last so long.
  3. The product is then homogenised. The gel is now viscous and also very soft and elastic – ideal for even, controlled injection through thin cannulas.
  4. This is followed by a complex cleaning process. All surplus and harmful elements (unbound BDDE, proteins and endotoxins) are carefully removed. The result – extremely high purity, well above the strict requirements of the European medical devices directive.
  5. The gel then has its oxygen removed, resulting in even higher stability and a much longer shelf life.
  6. In the final step the filled gel syringes are sterilised in a steam autoclave.
  7. Each individual syringe then undergoes another visual inspection to ensure that it is free from particles. Each ZFill batch is released only after the necessary production and safety tests have been conducted in accordance with the latest European standards.

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